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Historic William Duley Chain of Title

PG-#82B-7 William Duley House
Chain of Title

April 29, 1983
Granter: Edward Neal Garner (Personal Representative of estate of Susan May Garner,
Grantee: Robert B. Brown and Rachel J . (wife)
2.03 acres

July 13, 1959
Granter: Adrian P. Fisher and George T. Burroughs, Trustees
Grantee: Susan M. Garner
Equity Case No. A08782 – Elizabeth G. Perkins et. al vs. Irene J . Garner, Widow et. al.
Containing 2.03 acres

December 11, 1900
Granter: William C. Duley and William H. Gibbons, Trustees
Grantee: Edward H. Garner
Equity Case: December 1, 1898 – William C. Duley vs. Susan Duly et. al . –
Sale of Real Estate, (#2527)
Sold to Edward H. Garner on October 9, 1900 for $3000.00 – All that tract of land at Croome Station on the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, known as part of “Croome” adjoining lands of John W. Duley, Louis Griffith , H.H. Sasscer, Henrietta S. Hill , Dr. Chew, and others. All of real estate described in deed from Samuel B. Hance, Trustee (May 21, 1873) in L. HB #7, F. 223 less 60 acres conveyed to James W. Duley by deed (March 1, 1896) in JWB No. 35, F. 466. and 10 acres conveyed to Baltimore and Potomac Railroad.
This tract contains 180 acres.
Granter: Edward H. Garner et ux
Grantee: William C. Duley
Consideration: $1000.00
Al l that portion of real estate which William W. Duley died seized and possessed at Croome Station, known as part of Croome, located north of Baltimore and Potomac Railroad tracks and east of county road leading from Croome Station to “Trumps Hill” adjoining the lands of H.H. Sasscer, Henrietta S. Hill , Louis Griffit h and John W. Duley and separted from lands of John W. Duley by the road to “Trumps Hill, ” i t being a portion of thereal estate conveyed by William C. Duley and William H. Gibbons, Trustees to Edward H. Garner. Containing 40 acres, also the store house on the land recently purchased by Garner but not the land upon which said store house is located hereby granting Duley the right to enter upon land to remove said building also the right to rent or use said building until i t is moved and to permit customers to pass over land to store.
Mortgage between Edward and Ethel Garner and Samuel Townshend.
Garners indebted to Townshend for $1500.00 for 3 years. For Croome property = 140 acres. Exception of 40 acres conveyed to William C. Duley.
L. 1, F. 163
Mortgage between Garners and William C. Duley. For Croome property = 140
acres, except 40 acres to Duley.
L. 1, F. 165
Mortgage between Garners and Townshend. Same $500.00 for 2 years.
Equity Case #2527 December 1, 1898
Wil1iam C. Duley vs. Susan Duley et. al .
Sale of Real Estate
William W. Duley died intestate on September 8, 1897.
Owned 250 acres conveyed to him and Enoch G. Duley by Samuel B. Hance on May 21, 1873 in L. HB #7, F. 223. Enoch and wife deeded their interest to William C. Duley on December 22, 1880 (L. WAJ No. 2, Folio 243). Also land conveyed by Richard H. Sansbury et al containing 100 acres on November 29, 1882 in L. JWB No. 1, F. 413. One acre conveyed to the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad by William and Enoch. (L. HB No. 7, Folio 144)
Equity Case #2527 (continued)
Wife: Susan (age 62)
Children: William C. Duley
Annie E. Hook, wife of Samuel P. Hook
Mary C. Gibbons, wife of William H. Gibbons
James W. Duley (Vessa 0. – wife)
Ethel W. Duley
Susan R. Cox, wife of Charlton Cox
Newspaper advertisement: Prince George’s Enquirer. Public Sale –
December 26, 1898, 180 acres.
Improvements: Store House, a large dwelling of 12 rooms, 3 small dwellings, two barns, and a stable, and other necessary outbuildings.

May 21 , 1873
Granter: Samuel B. Hance, Trustee (Frederick Sasser and Samuel B. Hance, Administrators for Zadock Sasser, Jr. , No. 483 – Sale of Real Estate)
Grantee: Enoch G. Duley and William W. Duley
Containing: 250 acres
Consideration $17.00 per acres
Beginning at the bridge over St. Charles Branch on the main road leading from the Town of Upper Marlboro to St. Thomas’ Church and running west with said Branch to dividing line between the land which Polydore E. Scott, deceased, died seized and possessed and the land hereby conveyed, then along the dividing line south until it intersects the line between the land hereby conveyed and land of Rev. John W. chew and then east with said line until it intersects main road leading from Upper Marlboro to St. Thomas Church and then north with the Main Road to place of beginning.

February 29, 1868
Re: Sale of Real Estate belonging to Zadock Sasscer, Jr. , deceased (died 1865?)
Same property conveyed to him by his father, Zadock Sasscer, Sr. who died in 1859.
Portion of Inventory of Zadock Sasscer, Jr . made on October 12, 1865:
6 houses of tobacco on home place
2 houses of tobacco on lower place
About 100 barrels of corn on lower place
1 Tobacco prize ($50.00)
1 Buggy ($40.00)
1 Sleigh ($40.00)
1 Gun ($50.00)

June 6, 1854
Mortgage between Zadock Sasscer and Henrietta (wife) and Caleb C. Magruder,
Administrator $7000.00
(1) For part or parcel of land known as Croom which Zadock Sasscer
obtained from Trueman Cross by deed on September 11, 1835. Containing
95 acres.
(2) 250 acres conveyed by Susanna Cox by deed on March 18, 1844
Contains a grist mill.

March 18, 1844
Grantor: Susanna Cox
Grantee: Zadock Sasscer
Consideration: $7,500.00
Parcel of land known as “Croome” on which Judson Scott, lat e of the county, lived which was conveyed to him by Colmore Beanes late of the County in a deed of February 25, 1800 in Liber JRM No. 7, Folio 609, 610, 611 , 612, 613 & 614. Containing 250 acres. This parcel was conveyed to Zadock Sasscer by David Crawford, Thomas Clagett and Thomas Sasscer, Commissioners named in a Commission from Prince George’s County Court to adjudge and determine whether Judson Scott’ s real estate would admit division . In a deed of June 7, 1828 in Liber AB No. 5, Folio 188, 189, and 190. Also conveyed to Susanna Cox by Zadock and Henrietta Sasscer in JBB No. 1 , Folios 22 and 23 on March 18, 1840.

June 7, 1828
Grantor: Benjamin Oden, David Crawford, Thomas Sasscer and Thomas Clagett (named as Commissioners in Apri l 1822 pursuant to Act of Assembly 1820 Chapter 191; to adjudge and determine i f Judson Scott’ s estate could be divided).
Grantee: Zadock Sasscer
Estate offered at Public Auction (1822) to highest bidder – Meackall (sic ) S. Cox fo r $5502.50. Purchase money for part of said real estate actually paid by Zadock Sasscer. Zadock petitioned the Judge of Prince George’s County to have the property conveyed to him. Meakall Cox assented and property was conveyed by Commissioners to Zadock. Same property on which Judson Scott lived , conveyed to him by Colmore Beanes in Liber JRM No. 7, Folios 609-614 on February 25, 1800.
Containing 250 acres.

June 6, 1828
Grantor: Meakall S. Cox
Grantee: Zadock Sasscer
Whereas Cox owes Sasscer $7590.00, Cox conveys property mentioned above, including:
And 12 head of cows, three yoke of oxen, 5 yearlings , 7 calves, one bull , one cart , 2 ox yokes, and one chain, one Iron gray horse – 5 years old, one brown mare – 12 years old , 1 bay horse – 12 years old, one bay mare – 16 years old , one dark brown mare – 9 years old, one black colt – 3 years old , 29 hogs and pigs , all my household and kitchen furniture of every kind and description together with my beds, bedding and furniture , also my corn now in the house and the crop of grain now growing, also one gig .

February 25, 1800
Grantor: Colmore Beanes (Physician)
Grantee: Judson Scott
Consideration = 2,225 pounds currency
Part of tract called Croome: Beginning at a stone standing by the side of Charles Branch on the south side thereof, marked C.B.N.°1. Then from the said stone, running up and binding with the Water Course of the said Branch to a White Oak standing on the said branch and on the south side thereof, the said White oak being a boundary of a certain Mrs. Scott’s land, then with the said Mrs. Scott’s land – the 12 following courses and distances: south 13 degrees, west 8 perches, then south 10° 45′ westerly 5 perches, then south one degree, 30′ easterly 8 perches, then south 11° 30′ westerly 4 perches then south 4° 15′ easterly 18 perches, then south 2° , east 24 perches then south 9° east 15 perches, then south 24° east 11 perches, then south 18° 30′ westerly 18 perches, then south 70° east 20 perches to a cedar bush, then running with Edward Scott’s land, south 13° 30′ easterly 57 perches to part of the said tract or parcel of land called Croome heretofore sold by the said Colmore Beanes to the Rev. Thomas John Claggett, then with the said land corrected, north 89° 45′ easterly, 12 perches and 1/2 of a perch the north 25° 15′ easterly 8 perches to a stone it being the beginning of the said part of Croome, sold by the said Colmore Beanes to the said Thomas John Claggett still with the same part, the given line thereof reversed north 87° 30′ easterly 16 perches and 3/4 of a perch, still with the said land reversed north 63° 45′ easterly 5 perches and 1/2 of a perch then south 58° 15′ easterly 9 perches and 1/2 perch to the correct division line of the said Colmore Beane’s and Thomas Claggett’s land, then with the said line correct north 54° 30′ easterly 180 perches to the main road leading from Upper Marlborough to the Chappel, then up and with the said road as the road runneth, to a stooping birch tree and stone standing by the side of Charles Branch and said road as it crosses the said Branch, then up and with the said Branch to the beginning.
Containing – 259-1/2 acres
It being 1/2 of a piece of ground lying on Charles Branch on which a grist mill is now erected.
Intention to convey his (Colmore’s) part of grist mill and the land everything thereunto owned by him and Joseph Smith, and his (Colmore’s) 1/3 part of a saw mill near the said grist mill and the land adjoining thereto which is property of said proprietors (Rev. Thomas Claggett, Joseph Smith and Colmore).
(Millicent Beanes wife of Colmore)

February 26, 1800
Mortgage between Judson Scott and Colmore Beanes for 2,225 pounds currency December 1, 1799 to December 1, 1805


Gary Gestson

Gary Gestson is a Certified Historic Properties Specialist (CMHP) with over $100,000,000 in historic homes, estates & farm sales. Gary was featured in the July 2009 issue of REALTOR Magazine "OWN YOUR NICHE" celebrating his success in "Niche" marketing historic homes and estates. He earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Art and is an accomplished equestrian. He has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 40 years, and in 2002, after a 20+ year career as an art dealer, Gary became a Realtor. In 2006, Gary achieved the status of "#1 Top Producing Agent" in one of the top real estate offices of the largest privately held real estate company in America, Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc. He is one of the top 5% of Realtors in North America. Gary sees enormous similarities between historic homeowners & art devotee’s, both understand and relish the intangible nature of things. Gary believes that... "A historic home's true value can only be ascertained with specialized marketing that shares its virtues and benefits in a manner that compels a prospective buyer to act. It is that understanding of the unique nature of a historic home that bonds the buyer to it. When asked, most historic home owners will tell you that they fell in love with their homes at first sight. Successful historic home marketing has to facilitate and amplify that experience, while minimal traditional real estate marketing does not even begin to satisfy that need."

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