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A few of our recent raves

Hands down the best decision we made in this year of tough decisions was having you be our selling agent. I recall in our initial interview you said that finding a buyer for a  200-year old stone house with fruit trees and large gardens wasn’t just selling a house, it was finding someone who embraced that lifestyle. Exactly. Then you came up with a video tour of the house and yard that was absolutely compelling. As I mentioned at closing I felt that you gave our $400K property the same attention you would give a $4 million dollar client. You were always prompt replies to our many questions and concerns.
Mike & Kim Salmon, Perryville Maryland

It’s hard to put into words how grateful we are for all your help selling our home. While stunning and fabulous it is also historic and quirky. There are so many realtors. We chose the right team for the job. Gary calmly-always calmly – assessed our property, assisted with staging, arranged an incredible photographer, composed an amazing write up and marketed our house to perfection. Our home sold well in a turbulent real estate climate. Gary was always available for a call, super responsive to texts or emails. He guided us through pricing, negotiations and final details.
We would highly recommend anyone, buyer or seller, to contact Gary Gestson and Associates for all Historic Home transactions.
Mark & Dawn Majestic, Pikesville Maryland

Thank you so much for your expert guidance getting our 72 year old house and 5 acre property to the market and to a contract in less than two months.  I expected a sale to take at least a year and perhaps some price reductions along the way.  Thanks to your accurate list pricing that did not happen.  You were very understanding to hold back and let us come to you with questions and for advice; you did not push us to meet pre-set timelines. You were always responsive and knowledgeable when there were questions or concerns.  Your professionalism and calm manner were reassuring to us when the refurbishing work seemed unending and very time consuming.
Natalie’s staging contract was a great guide for us as we got down to tackling the improvements and de-cluttering that were needed to make the house’s stellar mid-century modern architecture apparent for prospective buyers to see.  I am so glad my family and I looked for a niche realtor and chose your team to guide us to a successful sale.  Your sincere and deep appreciation for the architecture and personality of unique, historic homes made the difference for the sale of our property.
Bernadette Salyer, Silver Spring Maryland

More than 4 years ago, Gary Gestson of Long & Foster Real Estate, a Certified Historic Maryland Properties Specialist (CHMP) sat with 8 sibling owners, some in person, some virtually, at the dining room table in our unique, historic, significant mid-century modern family home on 5 acres in Montgomery County, MD and described the potential purchasers of the property. He listened to our family story about the house and property, applied his knowledge of the specific niche market in which our unique property fit, and predicted the type of buyer the place would bring. In November of 2020, just 6 weeks from the time the place went on the market and regardless of his forewarning that similar properties take generally 6 months to a year, he brought the buyers he had described—to a tee!  Gary understood the unique nature of the home and that the ultimate buyers would fall in love with the home at first sight. Gary’s unaggressive salesmanship facilitated and amplified that experience for those viewing the home and us.
The buyers told us of their criteria before seeing this home and happily added that some of the criteria, such as walking distance to Metro, went out the window after viewing the photos of the home and land online. Gary’s team took pictures that captured the essence of the place. Gary kept us informed with just enough details of persons viewing the property, and he was receptive to inquiries regarding real estate transactions and guidance. When the owners set their price, with his input, Gary conveyed the owners’ intention to get that price, and the result was as intended.
Our team of 8 recommends Gary Gestson and his team of real estate professionals for your future real estate needs, particularly if you’re dealing with a unique or historic property. Thank you, Gary.
Louise d’E. Mullican, Silver Spring Maryland

After considerable research, Gary Gestson of Long & Foster came highly recommended as someone who could present and successfully sell a historic and unique fieldstone home located in Brunswick, Maryland.  We began a journey with him in the fall of 2017.
What we discovered is a professional who cherishes this kind of home as much as the current owners of 48 years, while regarding the property as a rare find for the perfect future owners.  With the educated and dedicated aide of his wife, Natalie, staging was completed within the home’s four levels in the most favorable manner, including a professionally presented video of the interior and exterior of the 1.5 acre property.  Throughout our relationship, Gary demonstrated his dedication toward our sales goal by being present and available to us every step of the way.  We developed a mutual collaboration of ideas presented on our part while he steered us expertly with questions answered and suggestions made.
The end result was a final sale for the full asking price at the end of 2020 to a couple we regard as younger versions of ourselves, who will create their own long lasting memories as we have.  Our appreciation to both Gary and Natalie for job well done!
Connie and Al Koenig, Brunswick Maryland

I would highly recommend Gary Gestson and his team. We have worked with him twice over the last few years to successfully buy and sell a home. On both occasions he streamlined the process and worked hard on our behalf to get us the best results. When he buyer raised an issue at the last minute right before closing on the sale of our last home, Gary let us know, but then negotiated that issue away with the other agent so everything went through smoothly and we didn’t have to lift a finger. He’s the best!
Steve & Martha Beggs, Fairfield Pennsylvania

We met Gary after interviewing multiple agents to sell our family’s estate. His professionalism and marketing plan proved to us that he would be an excellent agent. He communicated to us well and overall, we had a very smooth transaction.
Thanks for all your help Gary!
Jonathon Maier, Orrtanna Pennsylvania

Thanks for all your help in selling our house. Your professional service allowed us to sell after the house was on the market for over a year and we had almost given up hope to downsize due to our advancing ages. We are most grateful to you and wish you all the best in the future!
Rod and Amy Benchoff, Waynesboro Pennsylvania

We cannot say enough about our experience of working with Gary, from Long & Foster Real Estate, in regards to the recent purchase of our home.  His understated style suited us well, as first time home buyers, as there was no pressure or expectation.  He was knowledgeable of the history of the home, patient in regards to the millions of questions posed and extremely helpful in walking us through the entire purchase process.  We have been the proud owners of our new home for little over a week and are confident in our purchase, much of that confidence due to Gary and his abilities.
Benjamin Bradley & Bruce Wayne, Delta Pennsylvania

I can’t thank Gary and his crew enough for their services in helping me sell my historic but unusual home in Baltimore County.  Large homes are no longer as appealing to buyers as they once were, and when that large home is 200+ yrs old – the market of potential buyers shrinks even more!
Gary’s familiarity with historic homes, their complexities and especially the buyers interested in finding such homes is truly outstanding.  His marketing strategies are excellent; although luck certainly plays a part in many home sales, his targeted marketing plan (aimed at purchasers outside of my geographical location) did bring out of town buyers in to tour the house.  Incredibly enough, the first potential buyers to walk through the house bought it almost immediately.  It was NOT the process I was expecting (I expected my house to be on the market 6-12 months).  I am convinced the lovely video tour and targeted marketing were the keys to selling my house so quickly.
I highly recommend Gary to any seller of an historic home/estate/farm.I can’t imagine there is any other realtor out there with more knowledge or know-how.  Gary – thanks again for your flawless work and support!
Ellen Sawaya, Catonsville Maryland

Gary was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. He showed me townhouses in my price range and always gave me a truthful answer when asked.  Gary never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. He effectively got me through the home buying process and calmed any anxieties that I had.  I would highly recommend Gary and would certainly ask him to be my agent for my next home!
Meagan Schaal, Germantown Maryland

Gary was recommended to us by a friend. He had helped them sell their historic home. We knew that finding the right buyer would be difficult as our home is 220 years old. Gary was the perfect realtor for our unique property. He knows and appreciates old homes and because of this he presents the home and its history. He led us through the whole process carefully listening to our needs and concerns. Gary helped us balance the business side of selling a historic home with the passion you have for a home you carefully restored for 27 years. Gary was recommend to us and we highly recommend Gary to others who have that beautiful historic home that needs a new steward!
Thank you, Gary, for all your hard work.
David and Susan Petrie, Uniontown Maryland

It is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement for Gary Gestson, Historic Home Team, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
My co-executors and I were tasked with selling our family home of 70 years after our mother’s death. We interviewed Harrisburg area realtors and quickly concluded that we had a very difficult task ahead of us. Our 150 year old family home featured more than 4,000 square feet of living space, almost two acres of land and numerous unique architectural features. We were told that current buyers were not interested in “fixer uppers”, particularly one of our size. We needed a “Plan B”.
Fortunately, one of my sisters was familiar with Long & Foster’s Historical Home Team (HHT) website. I was designated to review their information and contact Gary Gestson. At first I was disappointed, because it appeared that we were only eligible to promote our family home on HHT’s national database. After a second discussion Gary and I determined that our home fell within the outer reaches of their territory; thus, also making it possible for Gary to be our realtor. I was thrilled.
There was no question that we had found the right realtor for us. Gary appreciated our home’s history and unique features and knew what marketing techniques were necessary to get the job done. He also provided an effective communications system which accommodated multiple out-of-state executors. Lastly, Gary understood our need to sell the home quickly.
Four months after our family home was listed, we sold the house. We could not have been happier or more appreciative of Gary’s expertise, efforts, and help.
Many thanks to you on behalf of the entire Markunas family,
Fran Markunas, Dauphin Pennsylvania

We were an out-of-state seller; Gary stepped up to the challenge of helping us sell our property, even though we were too far away to directly assist. He not only organized the sales strategy, he also applied his expert knowledge of older homes and extensive list of service providers to address the buyers’ concerns.  Gary provided a completely turnkey solution with expert knowledge, great local connections, great communication, and consistent encouragement and good humor.
Paul Lawrence, Brunswick Maryland

Thanks so much Gary for all of your help.
Barbara Zamora Vaataja, Germantown Maryland

Thank you for everything you did to keep this on track these many months.
Your advice was invaluable. Your professionalism stalwart.
Jonathan Carney, Manchester Maryland

Thank you for all of your hard work getting this unique property sold.
Seller, Waynesboro Pennsylvania

Thanks again for everything.
Diane and John Truesdell, Hagerstown Maryland

When my wife and I initially listed our historic property for sale 4+ years ago, little did we envision the path that we would have to take to complete the sale and move on with our lives. But, we dared to dream!
After 2+ years of listing our property;  we were frustrated. We had plenty of showings; but no offers. We also were continually dropping our asking price, on the advice of our realtors, but had no results (offers) to show. We needed a “new” approach; we needed Gary Gestson.
Gary and his team’s  professionalism and approach to marketing our historic home was different, very results-focused, and lifted our spirits. Gary helped us arrive at the correct “market price” for our home, and the number of showings for our property almost tripled. It was now just a matter of time, and of finding the right buyer. Gary and his network brought the right buyer to us.
Thank you Gary, and your team, for guiding us on our home sale journey and for helping us realize our dream. Our sale and closing had a few stumbling blocks along the way (all closings do); but Gary, always the consummate professional, guided us past these and to a closing settlement that was “flawless”.
If you are thinking of selling your historic property you MUST give Gary Gestson a call. He is the best agent we’ve ever worked with, and we are certain he can help you sell your home and realize your “dream”.
Barbara and Mace Hunt, Hagerstown Maryland

Gary Gestson assisted us with the sale of our farmette consisting of a 200 year old house and 7 acre property which was very unique. We knew it would not be a quick sale….waiting for the right buyer. Gary was patient and reassuring throughout the process. He was always responsive, returning messages all hours of the day and night. He guided us through the process from staging, to showings, inspections and finally settlement.   Gary’s expertise is in older, historical homes which would qualify him to sell a property of any type.
Tom & Sue Russell, Union Bridge Maryland

Thank you again for all your help, the experience of working with you was a real pleasure!
Fred & Maria Cornelius, Emmitsburg Maryland

We interviewed many agents when we listed and then sold our period home, and Gary proved to be a very effective choice. We believed that Gary could help us sell our home at a higher price than was being recommended by the other agents.
The other agents were clearly used to selling homes to the mass market and did not have an appreciation for the features and characteristics of historic and period homes and the buyers of historic and period homes. Gary and Natalie on the other hand understood what made our home unique and distinctive. They provided very effective guidance in preparing our home for sale and setting up the description, pictures and videos for the listing.
Our listing generated a steady stream of prospective buyers, and within a reasonable period we had the right buyer for the house.
We faced competition because similar houses were on the market. Our property sold at a higher price than these other properties, so Gary provided us the value add that we desired.
Charles & Kim Brown, Gaithersburg Maryland

Gary, Thanks so much! Thanks for all the good work in selling our house.
Joe Plenzler & Kate Germano, Upper Marlboro Maryland

It was a pleasure working with Gary on the sale of our historic home. He worked with us to establish the right sales price, staged and marketed the property to best advantage and understood how to engage a cross section of serious buyers for a property such as ours. His approach delivered a lot of interest in a short period of time and resulted in a quick sale. Throughout the process Gary was attentive and quick to respond to any questions we had – we would recommend Gary and would happily use his services in future.
Steve & Miranda Elliott, Gaithersburg Maryland

We wanted to thank you for all of your work towards getting 101 Myrtle sold.  When we told you that we wanted to ramp up interest, you got potential clients in-the-door and an offer soon followed.  We feel like you gave this modest listing the same level of attention as a house of major historical significance.
You made it happen, it was a pleasure working  with you. Thank you!
John and Joyce Fitz, Waynesboro Pennsylvania

Your admiration of the farm, our parents’ legacy, and your commitment to us will always remain close to my heart.
Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Orrtanna Pennsylvania

We owe you a huge “thank you” for getting us through the final hurdles & to the finish line on this sale.
Henry & Linda Nessul, Poolesville Maryland

I highly recommend using Gary Gestson and the Historic Home Team to sell your historic property.  Although it took me two years to sell the property, it was for various reasons but not because of any shortcomings of the realtor!   Gary is blessed with a special touch.  It was not easy for me to part with the farm my husband, now deceased,  and I shared for 20 years.   Gary was very sensitive while maintaining an aggressive marketing approach.     I especially appreciated the professionalism in marketing — he produced top quality pictures and I loved taking the virtual tour.  Having completed the process, I recommend him without reservation.
Judy Morris, Hanover Pennsylvania

Thanks again for your support and assistance over an extended period.  We’re happy to give you a recommendation any time should you need it with possible sellers in our area.  Good luck to you.
Dan & Mary Moylan, Hagerstown Maryland

In addition to the experience Gary has selling historic properties, the care and consideration he took with our home was impressive.  Gary always made sure the showing was convenient for us, and took great care to close up and re-lock our home at showing conclusion.  Very re-assuring.
A. Slabe, Bowie Maryland

Thank you so much for your dedication and effort throughout this process. You did such an amazing job, carrying us through every hiccup and hangup that the buyers bank threw into the process. Your advice during the listing process was pivotal in getting the house ready to market. The quality of people you brought with you, from staging to the photographer and videographer, had a hugely positive impact in the way the house was presented to potential buyers. Most importantly, your insight during contract negotiations and closing gave us confidence in our decision and the peace of mind that we had an expert on our side.
We will absolutely recommend you to everyone we know and would love to do business with you again in the future.
Alden & Sarallyn Mackie, Brandywine, Maryland

We are delighted to share our experience working with Gary Gestson and his Historic Home Team. We have worked with many real estate agents, but we never have met someone as professional and as knowledgeable as Gary. From our first meeting, we knew we were in good hands. Every phase of the sale was exactly right – from Gary’s unique understanding of historic homes to the expert and detailed staging of the house to the very professional photography and the expert marketing. This remarkable combination led to quick sale of our historic property. We can enthusiastically recommend Gary and his team – they get an A+ from us.
Peter & Ann Pfau, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

When it came time to sell our family home of 37 years, I knew it was essential that we find a realtor that would appreciate all the reasons my parents had bought an 1892-built home in suburban/rural Maryland.  I found Gary Gestson via a website that I had found years ago advertised in the back of Old House Journal,  My brother had interviewed a big name in local real estate already, not knowing of his ties to developers in the area. He had laughed at the price my brother said he’d like to list at initially which actually wasn’t far off at all what we agreed to list with Gary Gestson.  For me, it was most important to find a new owner that would love & care for the house as we had done all those years.  Gary was great from the get-go as I knew he would be, as a lover of old homes.  We had the good fortune to have an all-cash offer as the first one on our home by a family just down the street who also had an older home & who had always admired ours in passing.  We negotiated on the price & Gary’s guidance & expertise in real estate transactions, especially regarding older homes, led to a successful conclusion & the torch is now passed.  I wholeheartedly recommend Gary for the sale of your beloved home whether it’s old or new.  Thank you again, Gary, for everything!!
Jennifer Whitlock, Woodstock Maryland

That is great, Gary! It has been a long haul, but I feel good about the outcome and believe the Buyers will continue do well by the Oyer House. Thanks again for your help.
Aidan Wilson, Huntingdon Pennsylvania

Gary, I want to extend a big thank you from the entire Cisar family, the transition for Mom from her house was a big change and even a bigger challenge! Your professional approach, demeanor, attention to detail and communication from our initial meeting to closing, was second to none. I want to personally thank you for your persistence and perseverance with potential clients throughout out the process, with in excess of 70+ showings, two contracts that would be buyers terminated, you stayed positive, supportive and confident that we would get a sale. Your guidance for marketing and the suggestions for improvement on the presentation of the property was invaluable. Thank you once again, I will definitely be telling friends, family and colleagues, if you want a top notch realtor call Gary Gestson, he’s your Man!
Alphie Cisar, Sabillasville, Maryland

My brother and I are happy to recommend Gary Gestson to list your historic property. While handling our mother’s estate, we found Gary when looking for just the right person to handle the sale of her historic home and property. The home was in need of extensive renovation, so finding the right buyer was critical. Gary has a passion for understanding a historic home’s unique potential and has the expert knowledge of this market. Gary was a pleasure to work with throughout the sales process.
Sara Watkins and Timothy Watkins, Brookeville Maryland

Congratulations all around!  That was some effort to cross the finish line!
Michael Filipczak & L A Brickner, Woodstock Maryland 

Gary Gestson did a wonderful  job in selling my parents’  home of 56 years.  We first had a disastrous experience with another realtor who was a family friend.  We then interviewed several other agents to try to get the best outcome for  the property.  Gary was the only one who could see past the cosmetic and repair issues that can go along with a home built in 1893. He has a true appreciation for the uniqueness and quality of workmanship that is such an integral part of historic homes. Although the house took some time to sell, Gary’s marketing skills ensured that frequent  showings continued.  His choice of photographer/ videographer was excellent – really made our home stand out from other listings.Throughout the whole process he was very responsive and handled any problems that came up with grace and class.  Gary  really did an excellent job in making a very stressful situation bearable.I would highly recommend Gary to anyone interested in selling an older home.
Daiva Chrzanowski, Catonsville Maryland

When we decided to sell our historic home, we knew we needed a realtor who could appreciate the uniqueness of the home and help us market it well because we knew that our home was not what most people are looking for.  Luckily a friend knew about Gary Gestson and the Historic Home Team at Long and Foster.  Gary and Natalie of the Historic Home Team truly appreciated our historic home; they helped us to stage it so that it was presented it in the best possible way; and Gary was there for us, seemingly 24-7, to help with all the details of selling a home.  We are so grateful for all their support and highly recommend them to sell your historic home.
Margaret Fowles, Gaithersburg Maryland 

Gary Gestson was the listing agent for my 10-acre historic farm property in Damascus, MD which was recently sold. Gary was highly recommended to me by friends who had had Gary represent them in the purchase of a country property. I am very pleased that we had Gary represent me. He was very thorough, professional, and easy to work with. In the course of the sale we had a number of contract offers to work through and compare. Gary helped me weigh the pros and cons of each offer and to determine a response.
I would definitely recommend Gary to anyone who is interested in buying or selling an historic or farm property.
Antony J. Heatwole, Rockville Maryland

Older homes are a niche in the housing market and require a specialist like Gary Gestson, we learned this the hard way.  We had initially tried listing our 1780’s house through another realtor and were not very happy with the results.  It wasn’t until we tried again with Gary that we got the results we were looking for.  I am confident in saying that it was his marketing tools and hands on approach that brought in the right clientele and eventually got our house sold.  He took what some would consider a very stressful situation, and made it very pleasant by handling all the details, answering all our questions, and keeping us informed throughout the whole process.  For that we thank him and would recommend him without hesitation.
Sam and Monica Powell, Keymar Maryland

It was time to sell our home.  With the children grown and out on their own, three floors and a basement were more than we needed.  We began exploring options with Realtors, but just hadn’t found the right fit.
Our daughter suggested that we talk to someone who specialized in older homes. She had located a Long and Foster Historical Homes Team. We called Gary Gestson, providing him with some information, and he scheduled a meeting. After we talked and Gary looked at our house, he was excited about helping us sell our hundred year old home.
Our experience with the Historical Homes Team and Gary exceeded our expectations.  Gary guided and supported us through every step of the process. Having a team that understands the marketing and pricing of an older home, can work with appraisers and inspectors, and help us with responding to questions and concerns with a buyer, got us to final results that were good for both sellers and buyer.
We highly recommend Gary and his team to anyone considering selling their historical home or property. Historical homes need someone who understands the uniqueness of a “one of a kind” house.
Gary, We can’t thank you enough for your assistance to us and your expertise in the area of selling older homes.
Cheryl and Dan Hickle, Woodsboro Maryland

Selling my Mother’s historical home in Cockeysville appeared to be an overwhelming project.  The house had been vacant for several years and had many issues.  I live in Texas, and I had no idea where to even start.
I gained respect for Gary’s great understanding of historical homes in our initial visit.  We sat in the 100 degree, dusty dining room while Gary calmly talked me through the necessary steps. He explained that there are still folks that cherish historic homes. It took me a long time to coordinate cleaning and repairing the property under Gary’s guidance.  Gary prepared an excellent virtual tour, and we had lots of traffic the day the house hit the market. I encountered curve balls no one could ever have anticipated. We had a good offer the first week, but it was withdrawn due to termite damage.   The final issue came as we were to close on a second offer, and the title company said the survey indicated that we had an issue over the ownership of the land dating back to 1863!
We finally closed, and Gary remained patient and warm through the process.
Mary Lise Lanceley, Cockeysville Maryland

Thank you for everything.  We appreciated your patience and professionalism.  I will definitely recommend you to any friends.
Arne Bergquist, New Market Maryland

We are writing to share our experience working with Gary Gestson in the sale of our house in Maryland. Our house was build in 1820 but had been remodeled considerably and therefore did not qualify as truly ‘historic”.  Before  placing the house on the market with Gary we had started to work with another agent. It became clear that this agent saw the house as similar to the newer houses around. We were concerned that this was not the best strategy since, while much of the house had been very recently remodeled, there were many features that were historic and unchanged from the original house. In addition there were features that were associated with a very old house (some old wiring, a small root cellar for a basement, etc).  Consequently we decided to seek out someone experienced in older homes and found Gary who specializes in historic homes.
Working with Gary was a pleasure. He helped us set a reasonable price for the house and did an excellent job of preparing the marketing information for the WEB. The result was that we had a contract within 2 weeks. Gary handled all of the inspections and onsite work. Since we were living in another state Gary made it very easy for us and did a good job of keeping us calm throughout the process.
Overall we found Gary a pleasure to work with. He made a difficult situation (selling a house we had lived in for almost 40 years) as easy as possible. Consequently we recommend him without qualification.
Henry & Karen McFarland, Gaithersburg Maryland

We knew that selling a historic home presented its own unique challenges.  We had to find the right agent who could find us the right buyer.  With Gary’s expertise we were able to find that buyer and pass our home onto someone who loves it as much as we do.  We were able to get a fantastic contract and Gary was there at all the critical stages to assure that the deal would close.  He knows his market, he knows his business and he knows historic homes.  That, I think, made all the difference.
Zoa Barnes, Uniontown Maryland

I have been a settlement attorney for over 20 years, and am also a licensed real estate salesperson. I hired Long & Foster’s Gary Gestson to list my historic home and am glad I did. When the home was not generating much activity, and my previous “top” realtor wanted to reduce the price ANOTHER ten percent, I decided to go with a realtor who specializes in historic homes. Gary left the listing price alone, staged the property beautifully with the assistance of his top notch team, and marketed it with state of the art techniques. The home quickly sold at close to the listing price. Gary was very responsive when I called, he is extremely knowledgeable, and I would recommend him without hesitation.
Historic Homeowner Maryland

My husband and I are eager to endorse Gary Gestson who obtained an excellent price for our historic home, Pleasant Hills, and amazingly, did so in seven days! This was our first venture as sellers and it was a scary prospect. Naively, we started this journey with a one-size-fits-all agent, who insisted the market was down so badly we should just “pull the plug” and get what we could. This first agent had no concept of the value of an historic property or the market that could be tapped. Then we hired Gary.
Gary has a tremendous understanding of an historic home’s unique properties. Even more importantly, he has the connections to reach that rare buyer who prefers beauty, history, and posterity to a McMansion. He has a calm, professional demeanor that was very reassuring. He is a class individual.
My husband and I highly recommend him.
Lynda Sasscer Hill, Upper Marlboro Maryland

Realtors can do so much more than just shuttle prospective buyers around town, and if you’re buying or selling a historic home, it’s imperative that your realtor be able to do more.  In the Maryland / DC / Virginia market, Gary is the person you must see.   We asked him to market a great house in a depressed neighborhood, and within six months we had a contract.  He had the patience that comes from confidence in his methods.
Whether you are buying or selling, it’s important to know what the house is worth.  Most appraisers have experience evaluating modern structures, and their calculations based on square footage and number of bathrooms are so routine they could be done by software.  But when the house you’re buying or selling was built with materials and workmanship that can’t be found today, you need someone with specific knowledge in evaluating historic structures.  Gary not only has that knowledge, but he seasons it with a bit of the experience that comes from having sold fine art.  No two historic homes are quite alike, and his aesthetic sense is well attuned to matching a home with its buyer.
Overall, Gary was a pleasure to work with, and we recommend him without hesitation.
George & Katherine Drastal, Cascade Maryland

Gary Gestson did a great job as the seller’s agent when we bought our historic home in Frederick County, Maryland. He knows and loves historic homes. He got tremendous exposure for the home being sold in national and local press. He understands people and works with great empathy, providing information, explaining options, and always making himself available so that questions get answered and communication is smooth. We found him to be knowledgeable, accessible, professional and genuinely warm. He is an honest broker, fairly and energetically looking out for both sellers’ and buyers’ concerns. It was a pleasure to work with him and we very much appreciated his skill and gentle touch.
Mark Simon and Thea Lee, Cascade Maryland

Thank you so much for everything, Gary. I would offer to write another rec for you but it would the same thing (as before) except in caps.
Lyn Phillips, Thurmont Maryland

Thank you again for helping us sell our Mom’s home in a stress-free manner. It was a pleasure to work with you!
Kristen Demarco, Luray Virginia
Jessica and I have been extremely pleased with your conduct and ability in the full process of transfering Castle Finn to a capable and appreciative new steward for this unique and wonderful property.

You have always shown true compassion for our many concerns as well as an acute understanding of the nuts and bolts of finding a qualified buyer and bringing the transaction to a successful conclusion.Your efficient and effective manner through the complete process from the initial consultation to the final settlement was particularly noteworthy. To any seller of an historic home, we will always recomend you as a truly one of a kind real estate professional.
George Acker, Delta Pennsylvania

I wanted to thank you for all your patient, kind and diligent efforts to bring us to a successful closing.
Katherine Chatard, Delta Pennsylvania

Gary guided us smoothly through several unexpected difficulties that arose involving zoning and water issues at our historic property in Frederick County, Maryland. He also provided expert advice on pricing that produced two written offers within the first week the property was on the market, resulting in a sale higher than the asking price in the very difficult real estate market of 2010.
Leonard Curry & Cyndi Koe, New Market Maryland

We want to thank you for the tremendous job you did selling our small farm. Your professional marketing of our home was the key to success in this difficult economic time. We would like to extend my thanks to Natalie for the specialized treatment we received staging our home for the pamphlet and web tour. We were so happy with the way she made use of our belongings that we kept the furnishings exactly as they were placed.
We are so excited that the home we restored and loved is being purchased by people who love it as much as we do. Your matching of the seller to buyer is a direct result of the information you provided in the listing. We knew whoever walked in was completely aware of every aspect of our home before they scheduled a showing. This made every showing an exciting prospect as there were never any surprises for the prospective buyer. What they saw on the web or in the pamphlet was what they got. What a relief for us to have found you after 6 months of showing our home to people who were not even slightly interested in our type of home in our type of area. My regret is that we did not find you sooner.
Thanks so much Gary for finding the perfect buyer for our beloved home. We worked hard to restore it and you worked hard to find the right couple to enjoy our labor of love.
David and Laura James, Woodsboro, MD

We were very pleased with Gary Gestson’s representation as our seller’s agent for our historic Dickeyville home. Gary marketed our home thoroughly, which generated a lot of visits to our property. Since ours is a historic home, it is not for every buyer. Gary understands how to promote period homes like ours to maximize opportunities to find the ideal buyer.
Gary advised us well, as we debated the merits of keeping the home for sale or finding a renter. When we considered taking our home off the market last winter, Gary reminded us of the extraordinary Federal incentives that could generate more buyer interest. This decision to keep our home for sale paid off, and ideal buyers stepped forward to help meet our asking price. Gary proved his value during the entire negotiation period all the way to the timely settlement.
Gary was responsive to all communications and we felt he was easy to contact. We recommend him highly.
Candler Gibson and Marni Tuel, Dickeyville, MD

There is no doubt in my mind that the biggest reason that I was successful in selling my house in the current market is the fact that I had the great good fortune to have Gary Gestson acting as my Realtor. Having grown up with a realtor for a mother, I was somewhat intimidated from the horror stories of showings that had gone wrong and Realtors whose personalities and presentations were done more with smoke and mirrors than substance, honesty, and facts.It was with some trepidation that I agreed to meet with Gary after much urging from my Mother —- I mean choosing a realtor based on their appearance on the cover of a national realtor’s magazine —– what was Mother thinking ? However five minutes after Gary sat down on the couch in my house for our initial meeting and tour of the property, all my hesitations and concerns had been laid to rest, I had not only found a knowledgeable realtor, I had found someone who respected and accepted my concerns and uniqueness of the property and situation.
The suggestions that Gary made to get the house on the market were clear and concise and defiantly made the best possible use of the limited funds that I had to get the house ready to sell. After the house was ready, Gary and his fantastic staging team came out and took numerous photographs and did a video of the house. I must admit that the first time I looked at the picture presentation on the Historic Home team’s website, I thought “wow, what a neat house. I live here?!” Gary’s background as a former art teacher showed in the wonderful composition of the photographs. This background combined with his skill and understanding of capitalizing on the power of Internet marketing is I feel one of the most powerful elements Gary brings to bear in getting any house sold.
Through out the entire period of showing, selling and settlement of the house Gary was always available to answer questions, resolve a variety of unexpected hiccups and minor crises , and help me keep a positive outlook towards the whole convoluted and seemingly never ending process. One point that left a lasting impression on me was that if Gary was not a 100% certain of the validity of information that he was relaying, he has the integrity and honesty to say “I’m not sure on that. Let me look into it and get back with you”. And then he would do just that, find someone who did know the answer and relay that information back to me in a timely manner. At no point was I left hanging with issues and questions and unaddressed. His patience, support, and humour were vital parts keeping the my stress-level to a manageable minimum.
I very heartily recommend Gary Gestson as the consummate real estate professional — he is as someone else has said “the real deal”. Gary is above all else a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I am very proud to call him above all else my friend.
B.R. Duttweiler, Knoxville, Md

Gary was an absolute lifesaver! Throughout the home-buying process, we hit quite a few speed bumps due to issues unrelated to Gary or Long & Foster. At every single point in the process, Gary was directly available to not only advise on every issue but often alleviate the stress to me as well as address and correct the problem (meanwhile keeping me fully informed, as I preferred). He worked diligently with every detail by returning calls immediately, communicating with other parties to resolve crises, answering all questions to the best of his knowledge and even researching questions in depth if necessary to provide the best answer/service. There were many times that his knowledge of the processing of my home loan surpassed that of my mortgage company!
Also, Gary’s general attitude, work ethic, and manner were far beyond what I expected and even hoped for in a realtor. By the time we got to closing, he was practically family, and I am thankful every day for Gary’s involvement and patience. I would (and will) recommend him in the future, and I will most definitely enlist his services if I find myself in the market again. I am so happy with my new home, and I couldn’t have done it without Gary!
Honestly, I could write an essay and it wouldn’t be enough to express how much I appreciate your amazing service.
L. Kercheval, Knoxville Maryland

When we decided to sell our house in Greencastle, PA, we began a painfull process of hiring a number of local Realtors in succession, none of whom were able to generate the slightest interest in our home. After having seen an ad for the Historic Home Team, we decided to take a chance with this Team to sell our beautiful, superb, unique, and historic home. At this point, Mr. Gestson became our Realtor. Almost immediately, the home market began to collapse. However, Mr. Gestson stood firmly beside us and never, even for a moment, failed to assure us that our home could and would be sold. Even when the market further tanked, Mr. Gestson continued to generate an amazing number of visitors to our home, while many other homes were forced out of the market due to lack of interest. His guidance during these “tough times” was flawless, and never failed to consider every one of our “often admittedly difficult” interests. I am convinced that without his expertise we would never have sold our home. Not only is Mr. Gestson the most knowledgeable Realtor I have met, but he also possesses a multitude of rare personal attributes, especially including intelligence, tenacity, grace, tact, and superb negotiating skills, unmatched by anyone I have ever known, whether Realtor or not. He is simply, without exaggeration, the very finest Realtor imaginable, and shines brightly as one of the finest gentlemen in the field.
I unhesitatingly and completely without reservation, recommend Mr. Gary Gestson to anyone who has a unique, or for that matter, an ordinary home, for sale. I know that his future clients will remember him with the same great respect for his performance as we do now, for he is simply the “Finest Realtor There Is!”
James B. Oerding, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

As our selling agent, Gary Gestson was a most attentive, supportive, effective, and knowledgeable agent who respected our opinions and decisions. We had a lovely Civil War era house, built of quality, expansive and elegant, in this environment it took many agents, many years, and yet no sale. Only 2 viewings in all that time. Immediately, Gary continually showed our house, advertised it in every conceivable avenue, gave constant feedback and showed extraordinary patience. We sold it and got a reasonable price in a very difficult environment. He is a rare person and, now, friend.
Sandy Pelletier, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

We have been involved in numerous real estate transactions, and Gary Gestson is the best real estate agent with whom we have ever worked. Even though the house he helped us sell was nowhere near the high dollar amount of most of his transactions, he treated us as if it were at the top of the list. To make his work with us even more exemplary, we had a difficult house to sell in a difficult location at a difficult time. Gary worked the sale from inception to conclusion, devoting his time and energy to all the tasks involved in getting this house onto and off the market. We would rate the entire process as highly as possible; in addition, Gary is a person of kindness, integrity, patience and persistence. I know this sounds as if it were written by his mother, his sister, or his wife, but no – we are just out-of-state owners who met Gary only once. He could not have treated his family or his best friend better than he treated us.
Lyn and Tom Phillips, Catonsville Maryland

Gary Gestson recently acted as our agent in purchasing a property in Washington County. Gary gave us excellent advice and always acted in our best interest. He organized all aspects of the house inspections and – most importantly – guided us through the complicated loan process. We are very happy with Gary’s performance as our agent and highly recommend him to others seeking a superb agent.
Frederick W. & Sabine Fisher, Rohrersville Maryland

Dear Gary, I will always be grateful that you took on the sale of my historic property, well aware of its faults and shortcomings, while assuring me that it was extraordinary and remarkable and superb ! Your positive attitude was one of the many qualtities I came to admire, along with your professional expertise, knowledge and expert advice. You always gave me the impression that the sale of my property was the foremost thing on your mind, and you always returned my calls and emails, no matter the hour of the day or night. I felt extremely comfortable about the guidance you gave me as we negotiated the many pitfalls that could occur during the process, and your advice was always sound and direct. I decided your middle name should be “patience”, because nothing that came up ever seemed to be a burden, nor did the amount of time you spent seem to be a problem. Thank you again for your professional abilities, and for the time and interest you took in the sale of Elmhurst. You did a superb job from start to finish ! Gratefully,
Pat Lansdale, Sandy Spring MD

Gary Gestson recently acted as our agent in purchasing a property in Washington County. Gary gave us excellent advice and always acted in our best interest. He organized all aspects of the house inspections and – most importantly – guided us through the complicated loan process. We are very happy with Gary’s performance as our agent and highly recommend him to others seeking a superb agent.
Home Buyer, Maryland

I recently purchased a beautiful historic home in Southern Maryland. Gary Gestson was the seller’s agent whom I met on the first day of inquiry and I feel very fortunate to have met him. Right away I felt I could work directly with Gary, without an agent of my own and my instincts were correct. His keen sense of aesthetics and appreciation for the uniqueness of old homes made him a pleasure to interact with. Gary could not have been more accommodating, not only in the beginning but throughout the process. This is the 4th historic property I have acquired and numerous experiences with many realtors have given me great appreciation for Gary’s unique blend of professionalism, kindness, and understanding of human nature in these often complicated transactions. Gary saw the seller and myself as a good match with much in common, & with skill and patience brought us together. I knew I could count on him to thoughtfully & accurately communicate what I needed to convey to the seller, and vice-versa. So often realtors fail to do this, and the deal fails. From my experienced perspective, this successful transaction likely would not have occurred if it weren’t for Gary’s efforts and skills. At some point soon, I will likely sell one of my other historic properties & my first call will be to Gary Gestson.
Wayne Fisher, Brandywine MD

We had the good fortune to choose Gary Gestson as our Real Estate Agent for the recent sale of our house in Brandywine, Md. We were able to sell the house at a time in which there were daily stories about the rapid decline in house sales and prices. In order to achieve this timely sale, Gary marketed the house in a professional and compelling way that allowed it to stand out and make an impact in a crowded and depressed market.
First, Gary’s knowledge of old houses and the old house market guided us to a sympathetic visual presentation. The brochures and magazine shots were superb and artistic in themselves. The marketing material was placed in venues that would be available to the old house buyer, where there was always a sense of prominence and specialness for our property, with insets and call out pictures.
Gary had an article placed in a local commuter newspaper, the national old house magazines and a specialty Extraordinary Properties glossy magazine that drew a lot of attention.
Gary also managed the sales process for us in a way that removed much of our work load. The showings were timely and convenient, he was engaging with the prospective buyers and useful in guiding us as sellers and the prospects, as buyers. He was able to expedite the actual sale by showing both us and the buyer where our mutual benefit existed, so that we felt we achieved a fair exchange with the buyer.
The mechanics of the sale and paperwork went off without a hitch. Gary diligently handled most of the logistics, removing work and worry from us. We can only give the highest praise to Gary’s work and any seller would be fortunate to have him as their agent.
David S. Stern & Marcia Nicklin, Brandywine MD

Thanks so much for everything. You are the consummate professional. It will be my pleasure to recommend Team Gestson to those interested in enjoying a hassle-free, fun, educational, and relaxed real estate experience. Actually, more my duty, as I can not now imagine anything less!! Should we ever consider moving from our new home, it would be without hesitation to once again ask you to represent us. Unlike so many people these days, you actually answer and return your phone calls and emails. You do your homework and educate along the way. Your primary concern is not necessarily closing *any* deal, but the *best* one for your clients. As for Natalie – her intuition and designer’s eye turned our home into a page from House Beautiful. I can not tell you the comments we received about how lovely our home was staged. Her insight and special touches were worth their weight –– literally –– in gold. Again, I want to share with you how grateful we are. What could have been the most stressful time in our lives was tempered by your common sense, sense of calm, sense of humor, and dollars and cents sensibilities. Thank you for allowing us to be partners on your team.
Frank & Amy Johnson, Gaithersburg Maryland

Buying and selling a property is a complicated business at best. Successfully doing so from a distance of 3000 miles is a feat – one that I owe to Gary Gestson. I feel enormous gratitude to Gary at the end of a three month period that led to the acquisition of a historic house and equestrian center 35 minutes from downtown D.C. This is our dream place – the place where we will settle when we come home this summer, after a near twenty year absence while serving at our Embassies overseas as a Foreign Service family. We have sold and bought houses before, and this was our ninth and hopefully final real estate transaction. It was also the biggest and most significant, as it involved all our savings, our life after retirement from the Foreign Service, and our daughter’s life as an equestrian and young professional working in D.C. Gary took the time to fully understand our situation, aspirations, and practical parameters. He was always mindful of his commitment to the Sellers and made that clear from the very beginning, but was also very sensitive and attentive to us. There was never a question or concern that he did not address promptly and in detail. Exceeding his obligations as a Realtor, he extended thoughtful advice, objective information, and guidance that helped us greatly in our decisions. Gary is the ultimate professional and the most caring person anyone could deal with. He has a vast knowledge of historic homes and of the regions in which he specializes. He knows his trade inside out and brings to it honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of fairness – qualities not often associated with financial negotiations and transactions. I feel grateful and privileged to have had him as our Realtor. Gary truly is a class act.
Helen Margiou, Foreign Service Officer, Upper Marlboro Maryland

Thank you so much for all you did to make the sale of our “old house” as painless and smooth an experience as possible. Your understanding of the elements that make a historic home special, your expert advice in how to stage the house for showing, and most importantly, your clear-sightedness, understanding and patience through the entire process were invaluable to us. All of the marketing materials, from the beautiful “Wow!” color brochure, to print ads—and especially, the fabulous virtual tour—were so well done, and conveyed an accurate image of our home to prospective buyers. Professionalism and thorough attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the listing, marketing and sales process. On a personal level, Roy & I were very comfortable discussing all facets of the sales process with you. Your level of knowledge and expertise inspired our immediate confidence, which proved to be well-placed. We especially appreciated your almost instant responsiveness to calls or emails, no matter how small the question or concern we had. When we received an offer on the house, you took the time to send us articles and other reference information, as well as your thoughts and professional insight, to consider in making our decision on the offer. You managed to be concise and straightforward in a tactful and sensitive manner—no easy feat! Without hesitation, we will wholeheartedly recommend you and your Historic Home Team (indeed, have already done so) to everyone we know. At the risk of being redundant, we can’t thank you enough for all you did to make the transfer to our new home so seamless. Much success in the future!
Roy & Andrea Struble, Waynesboro Pennsylvania

As I was considering selling my home (built in 1860) I was concerned that homes in my neighborhood would, literally, stay on the market for months and still not sell. When I met with Gary he walked me through his very specific marketing techniques to attract buyers interested in a Historic Home. He also walked through and made very positive suggestions as to how we could make my house more attractive to prospective buyers. We soon had many showings and then had 3 offers come in, one at the full listing price. Gary was very pleasant to work with and was very responsive to my concerns and questions. He also assured me that we would find someone who appreciated my home as much as I did! I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is considering the sale of an Historic Home. Again, thanks Gary, and prosperous house selling to you and your team!
Sally Barnhart, Frederick Maryland

In selling my historic home I found it to be essential to have an agent who is sensitive and knowledgeable about the unique qualities of an historic home. Gary and Natalie have that sensitivity and knowledge. Without their expertise, I would not have had the success I had in selling my home. My sale was a positive experience because of their efforts, which were above and beyond the call of duty. I can not thank them enough nor speak their praises highly enough. Anyone contemplating the sale of their historic home should consider the Historic Home Team of Gary and Natalie first – and last. They are the best agents for the job!!
Kim Tucker, Laytonsville Maryland

Firstly, many thanks for all your help above and beyond your normal duties. I understand that you may put this in the”friend” and not the”professional”basket, however I imagine that from the way we were treated by you throughout the process of selling and buying, all of your clients would end up becoming good friends with you anyway.
I was extremely impressed by your level of organization, attention to detail and understanding of the business. Your patience is also a virtue which should not go unmentioned, since it is because of your unlimited patience which ultimately allowed us to relocate into a most ideal house. And most important of all, you formed a team with us to develop a strategy for all aspects of the selling and buying that, without, would not have resulted in the very successful and satisfying outcomes achieved. The ambitious goals of price, the incredibly short closing period and the very favorable conditions/contingencies for both the purchase and sale of the properties you managed were a direct result of the time and interest that both you and Natalie invested in us as clients.
I would recommend you to any and all of your prospects.
Vincent & Tracey Vesper, Gaithersburg Maryland