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Drumeldry: Patented in 1715 and containing 225 acres, it extended from the Northwest Branch, near the Indian Spring Country Club, across Notley Road to Shannon Drive. 14201 Notley Rd. is in Drumeldry, now known as Drumeldra Hills. Coalsville or Colesville: The name “Coalsville” is first found in the 1804 Montgomery County tax assessment records, a […]


Notley is a single-story, mid-century modem, ranch-style, private residence designed in 1945 by Montgomery County, Maryland architect, John A. d’Epagnier, A.I.A., that captures the American design movement by intermingling design, nature, and a communal lifestyle. The home combined elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie home style and Usonian style with influences from the Bauhaus/ International […]


From 1913 into the 1920’s, while being raised on a Far Hills, New Jersey estate as the son of caretakers, John A. d’Epagnier, A.I.A., dreamt big as he tended to manual chores; namely, to someday design and build his own unique home. With a high school teacher’s encouragement and financial support from his two siblings, […]

Historic William Chapline House Brief History

On the northwest corner of Sharpsburg’s town square stands a handsome stone house with a raised-seam metal roof, its portico resting on the sidewalk before it. The house features five bays wide, two stories high, with a finely coursed limestone façade, and flat stone arches above its windows, with less formal rubble stonework on the […]

Historic William Duley Chain of Title

PG-#82B-7 William Duley House Chain of Title April 29, 1983 Granter: Edward Neal Garner (Personal Representative of estate of Susan May Garner, Grantee: Robert B. Brown and Rachel J . (wife) 2.03 acres July 13, 1959 Granter: Adrian P. Fisher and George T. Burroughs, Trustees Grantee: Susan M. Garner Equity Case No. A08782 – Elizabeth […]