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Date Name Description
Boundary Located and marked every property corner.
Kitchen Floor Replaced an 18” closet door with a 3’ louvered door on guest closet, uncovering in the process a hardwood floor in hallway and kitchen.  Cleaned two layers of tar paper and linoleum and 5/8 pressed wood sheathing. Hired a contractor to sand and polyurethane the hall ad kitchen. 
Oct. 1987 Water Treatment System Well water tested. Water treatment system installed.
Nov. 1989 Removed the stairs to attic in bay window bedroom to make closet for that bedroom and the small bedroom in the back.
May 1990 12’x 28’ Shed #1 Purchased a 12’x28’ shed for tools and yard equipment. Built a stone and 8”x8”x12’ sled type foundation for it in the back yard.  This building has been moved twice. It was moved from the back yard to replace the ‘Office’ building when it was moved to beside the house. The second time (2005) it was placed on a permanent foundation behind the new garage and incorporated into it.
May 1990 12’x 28’ Shed #2 Purchased another 12’x28’ shed with double insulated floor, to make an office, finished and insulated inside, windows, door, heat, electric, tv cable, etc. Built a stone and 8”x8”x12’ sled type foundation for it in the front yard next to the old garage.  This building was subsequently moved to a similar foundation on the east side of the house where it is today.
July 1991 Insulation Insulated the whole house with spray-in insulation.  This stuff has been replaced little by little.
July 1992 Replaced ceiling of living room and 2nd floor hardwood floor. Replaced electric cables.
June 1993 Vinyl House Siding Installed Tyvek and vinyl siding on the house over the asbestos shingles.
Aug. 1994 Removed the log chinking in the 2nd floor bedroom and sitting room, insulated between logs. Hired a contractor to install vinyl chinking.
New Oil Tank Purchased and had installed a new 500 gal oil tank.  The two 250 gal oil tanks were leaking. The soil was tested, removed and replaced.
Oct. 1998 New Septic System Installed a new septic system.
Nov. 1999 Built the window seat in the bay window bedroom.
Jan. 2001 New Roof Roofing contractor removed the slate shingles, put 5/8″ roofing over the original 1” chestnut roofing boards, then 30 lb. felt, then lifetime shingles.  Also built knee walls in the attic.
Brick Sidewalk Hired contractor to build the brick sidewalk from house to driveway.
Feb. 2001 Front Yard Gardens landscape, hardscape front garden (2 separate landscapers)
May 2001 Sliding Glass Door Installed a good grade sliding glass door in dining room
Jan. 2002 Installed a drywall ceiling with acoustical backing in the dining room; new carpet, new wallpaper
Jan. 2002 Driveway Improvement Removed planter, graded and spread and compacted 6” crusher-run gravel base
June 2002 New Roof on Office Replaced roof shingles on office building, painted the building, added the cupola.
July 2002 Decks Built the deck off the dining room and the deck on the ‘Office’.
June 2004 Replacement Windows 7 – 1st level front windows, bay windows, and a new front door
March 2005 New Garage Removed old garage, graded site, built the garage, moved shed to back of garage.
Sep. 2005 Paved Driveway Paved the driveway.
July 2006 Replaced Gutters Replaced gutters, removed old wood behind facias and sofits
Dec 2009 Living Room Remodel removed damaged floor from fireplace, replaced floor joists, replace rotten log, dug out under living room, installed new hard wood flooring, fix rear window and wall. Removed plaster and lath from all walls in living room; removed all chinking and daubing; cleaned logs with wire brushes; oiled logs; installed 2×6 studs in front wall; installed fiberglass insulation; didn’t work; removed fiberglass insulation, taped of  logs and studs; hired a contractor to spray urethane solid core insulation between logs and studs; hired a contractor to install vinyl chinking; bought a 45000btu propane fireplace and had it installed in living room; built the mantel; had hardwood floors sanded, stained, and urethaned; cleaned and painted.
Feb. 2010 Removed Fireplace Removed old wood-burning fireplace and chimney, closed hole in living room ceiling, 2nd floor floor and ceiling, and the roof.
June 2010 Our Propane Tank Purchased our own propane tank, had it delivered and installed
July 2010 New Washer and Dryer Purchased new Washer/Dryer
Playground Bought and installed the playground in the back yard.
Oct. 2010 New Sump Pump Replaced the sump pump in basement
July 2011 New Well Had a new well drilled (450 feet).  Filled in the old well. Installed a new constant pressure pump and constant pressure system.  Harford County would not allow the old well to be in the basement of the new addition.
Aug. to Dec. 2011 850 S.F. Addition Built the addition according to governmentally approved addition plans.  Existing septic system is adequate for the dwelling.

Replaced all plumbing, plumbing fixtures, and electrical lines in entire house.

Installed central vacuum system on all floors.

Added a new heat pump for the addition.

Replaced the air conditioning unit in the attic to accommodate the addition.

Waterproofed the old basement; added drain tile all around the walls in the old basement. Two sump pits and pumps in the basement and one septic pump.

Poured concrete walls, metal studs, blown-in urethane solid core insulation.

Plumbing and electric in place for wet bar or small kitchen in basement.

Aug. to Dec. 2011 Kitchen/Side Entryway & Bathroom Remodel Remove stairs to basement; remove all walls in kitchen, dining room, pantry, hallway, guest closet; gut kitchen – walls and ceiling; gut the first floor laundry room and bathroom – walls and ceilings; remove all electric and plumbing; remove all insulation; clean studs, joists, etc.; level all floors; install new plumbing and new electric as per floor plans; blown-in insulation in all exterior walls; install walls, ceilings, all cabinets, island, appliances; picture frame the floor, trim out; sand and finish all hardwood floors; paint; clean.
Aug. 2012 New Bathroom Complete remodel and enlargement of the second floor bathroom.
Jan. 2013 Transfer Switch Installed a whole house electrical transfer switch, in old basement, for a portable generator.
July 2014 Air Conditioner Replacement Replaced the air conditioner unit in attic.
Jul. 2014 Gutter Upgrade Repair and upgrade all of the gutters on the house.
July 2014 Stairwell Project Refinish banister; repair/paint walls, new carpet up the steps and hallway.
Aug. 2015 Remodel Front Porch Replaced old wood columns with no maintenance columns, repaired and painted block wall, removed bricks on floor.
Dec. 2017 Tree Damage Repaired Repaired siding and most of the roof due to storm damage.

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